Other cool Web sites

This is a list of some Web sites that I have found interesting. Last updated 2/15/97.


  • Michigan weather. From University of Michigan Weathernet.
  • State-by-state weather. From U of M Weathernet.
  • National and regional imagery. Radar and satellite summaries from U of M Weathernet.
  • Oregon weather. Climatology, current conditions, weather records, etc. from University of Oregon.
  • The Weather Channel. Forecast maps.
  • Pine Junction, CO Weathercam. See the weather at 8500' in the Colorado Rockies!
  • Das Wetter. Sonneschein, Schnee oder Regen heute? Das Wetter ins Deutschland.


  • Postmodern Culture, an awesome on-line academic journal about you-know-what. Don't forget to visit PMC-MOO, the "virtual themepark"!
  • THE E-VILLE DIALOGUES. This on-line "book" is the project of a student in New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program.


  • Rainforest Action Network. Information on activism, threats to rainforests, etc.
  • The Sierra Club. Lots of information on current environmental issues. Not as radical as they should be, but even Dave Foreman thinks they're important...
  • Earth First! Journal. Speaks for itself.
  • Gaia Forest Archives. More specialized information on forests, biodiversity and indigenous peoples. Also provides access to many other environmental links.
  • ERIN, an environmental information server operated by the Australian government.
  • Michigan Ski Page. Cross-country and downhill info for ski areas throughout Michigan.


  • San Francisco, CA. A live view from Nob Hill. Makes me feel homesick.
  • Portland, OR. Another live view. I lived in Oregon, once, too...
  • The Caustic Seattle Compendium. A "virtual tour" of one of my favorite cities.
  • Eugene Homepage. All about Eugene, Oregon.


  • Carrie, an on-line library of hundreds of books, foreign-language newspapers and historical documents. Also includes Vatican documents, ancient and medieval Latin texts, major American historical documents, dozens of on-line serials, and lists of recent acquisitions entered in Britain's National Register of Archives.


  • Spunk Press. A vast on-line archive of international anarchist literature ranging from Noam Chomsky to the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Food Not Bombs, IWW, etc. etc. etc.
  • Punch Rush Limbaugh. Pummel him to your heart's content.
  • McSpotlight. Why McDonald's is an evil corporation.


  • The Dilbert Zone. The inanity and oppressiveness of existence within the typical corporation, even though Scott Adams is still a capitalist pig.
  • The Simpsons. Fox finally finished the new Simpsons homepage, but to really appreciate it you need a browser plug-in called Future Shock.


  • Golden State Warriors. I have to admit, I have a weakness for basketball.
  • The WNUR Jazz Page. A good source for jazz information, including discographies, bios, major festivals and concerts, and more. Maintained by Northwestern University's radio station, WNUR.
  • Point Survey. Reviews of new Web sites.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A pretty hoopy site for all you froods out there.
  • Cheezy 80s bands. Access to web pages for many of the bands from the decade we love to loath.
  • Random 80s lyric. Give it a whirl, you just may hurl.
  • Who can it be now? Test your 80s music knowledge (or your ability to repress it).


  • German Web servers. Searchable access to all Web sites in Germany.
  • GBM Buecher und Medien. Access to an online catalog of all books currently in print in Germany.
  • Die Welt. German equivalent of the New York Times.
  • Die Zeit. Website of the weekly German newsmagazine.