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Welcome to the home page of the organometallic, surface, and solid state research group at the University of Michigan's Chemistry Department led by Prof Mark M. Banaszak Holl. Clicking on the graphics on this page will provide you with information regarding the group's research in the areas of organometallic chemistry or the structure and reactivity of interfaces.  The organometallic chemistry revolves around the chemistry of germanium.The studies of interfaces include the Si/SiO2 and metal/SiO2 interfaces which are of prime importance in modern computer devices.  The development of model systems to aid in the complicated spectroscopic assignments of solid/solid interfaces is one important aspect of this work.  We also perform direct measurements on active devices to gain an understanding of the dynamic and static chemical changes that occur as a function of device operation.  We have recently begun studying biological interfaces and drug delivery systems as they relate to chemotherapy treatments for breast and colon cancer.

The talented scientists working in the group have diverse professional backgrounds and interests. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the research projects, the differing perspectives of inorganic, physical, organic, and analytical chemists are all extremely valuable to the overall group dynamic.


Current Group Members

Mark Biscotto (4th Year Graduate Student)
Karla Miller (4th Year Graduate Student)
Ken Nicholson (4th Year Graduate Student)
Kevin Schneider (3rd year Graduate Student)
Ryan Sweeder (3rd year Graduate Student)
Jeff Bartolin (2nd year Graduate Student)
Zuzanna Cygan (2nd year Graduate Student)
Thomas Owens (2nd year Graduate Student)
Jessica Blunt (1st year Graduate Student)

Konstantin Balashev (Post-doctoral Associate)
Hongwei Jiang (Post-doctoral Associate)

Past Group Members

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The Group is Associated with the Following Departments and Programs

Applied Physics


Macromolecular Science and Engineering

"Molecularly Designed Electronic, Photonic, and Nanostructured Materials"
An "Integrated Graduate Education and Training" (IGERT) Program

Center for Biologic Nanotechnology

Chemical Sciences at the Interface of Education

A Low Energy Electron Diffraction Image of Si(111)-7x7 taken by Neil Greeley using our rear-view video LEED.

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