You found me, Matt Kazmierski, on the web.
Now for a little background...

I was born on February 20, 1978 in Midland, Michigan.
I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana when I was about one yr. old, and lived there for five years, until...

I moved to Naperville, Illinois when I was six yrs. old and lived there for one and a half years, until...

I moved back to Midland when I was in second grade.

I lived in Midland, and attended the Midland Public Schools until I graduated from Herbert Henry Dow High School in 1996.

That year, I departed for Ann Arbor, MI to attend the University of Michigan. I am now a senior (November 1999), about ready to get my BA in Communication Studies. I hope to get a job in a web design related field when I graduate. Wanna hire me? I really don't enjoy the environment/majority of students at this university, but I love the city of Ann Arbor. It's definitely a unique place for the Midwest, and is almost the exact opposite of Midland. Come visit sometime.

I am also working at the University of Michigan's Grounds and Waste Management Services, where I have been the web spinner for the Grounds and Recycling web pages/sites for the past couple years.

Check out the rest of my pages on here... they'll probably tell you more about me than I can.

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