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Lafayette-class light cruiser

U.S.S. Kidd NCC-67514


Type: light cruiser
Entered service: 2362
Mass: 1,081,250 metric tons
Length: 406 m (1332 ft)
Width: 262 m (860 ft)
Height: 76 m (249 ft)
Complement: 346 (44 officers)
Speed: 3500 c


The Lafayette-class was intended to be Starfleet's replacement for the Matson-class heavy frigate. The project was started in the mid 2350s during an era of increased new starship development in Starfleet's history. This design takes some of the concepts proven by the New Orleans-class frigate and applies them to a medium endurance, medium sized starship.

To keep development costs low, many structural features including the primary hull spaceframe were derived from existing and proven designs such as the New Orleans-class frigates and the Adin-class light cruisers. Hull construction incorporates large amounts of physical armor developed by the Defiant project, which gives the ship a chunky, ungraceful appearance.

FTL locomotion is provided by two shortened 14-coil versions of the warp nacelles used on Nebula-class starships. These are powered by a pair of M/ARAs housed in the catamaran shaped secondary hull.

As development continued, size, armor, and armament increased to the point that by the time the completed design entered service in 2362, the Lafayette-class was reclassified as light cruiser.

Shuttle approach view of U.S.S. Kidd.

Lafayette-class cruiser.


Lafayette class starships are named after previous destroyers and light cruisers in Starfleet service, and Starfleet or Federation member world personnel.

Some examples of Lafayette class starships include:

  • NCC-67503 U.S.S. Lafayette
  • NCC-67514 U.S.S. Kidd
  • NCC-68237 U.S.S. John Rodgers
  • NCC-68289 U.S.S. John Hancock

Model notes:

The Lafayette class starship was designed by Markus C. Nee in February 1994. This model was built by Markus C. Nee and was completed in August 1994. It is in 1:1400 scale, and is approximately 11.5" long.

Primary hull is an Enterprise saucer from an AMT 1:2500 scale 3 piece set with a larger, custom made resin bridge module. The sides of the secondary hull were made from a Monogram 1:48 scale AH-64 Apache kit. The center of the secondary hull and the warp nacelle pylons were made from .040" and .060" sheet styrene. Warp nacelles are highlighter markers. The finish is airbrushed Testors Model Master enamel paints, Letraset and Chartpak dry transfer lettering, and AMT decals.

This starship is named after DDG-993.

All original materials on this web page, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright 1997 Markus C. Nee. All rights reserved. Ask for my permission before using any of my work. Thanks.

Markus C. Nee, Aerospace Engineering Alumnus, University of Michigan. mail: markusn at

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