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Excelsior class cruiser

U.S.S. Chicago NCC-25624


Type: cruiser
Entered service: 2293
(full load)
750,000 metric tons
942,000 metric tons
Length: 467 m (1532 ft)
Width: 186 m (610 ft)
Height: 78 m (256 ft)
Complement: 560 (75 officers)
Speed: 3500 c


U.S.S. Chicago is named after the city of Chicago on the Federation planet Earth.

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Model notes:

This model was built by Markus C. Nee and was completed in May 1999. It is in 1:1400 scale, and is approximately 13" long. It is an unmodified Starcrafts resin kit, one of my rare stock buildups. The model was painted with Gunze Sangyo acrylic paints, and lettered with Chartpak dry transfers.

All photographs and original materials on this web page, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright 2002 Markus C. Nee. All rights reserved. Ask for my permission before using any of my work. Thanks.

Markus C. Nee, Aerospace Engineering Alumnus, University of Michigan. mail: markusn at

This page was created 2002-02-21.