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K'vort class cruiser

I.K.S. Kre'vok


Type: cruiser
Entered service: 2352
Mass: 1,470,000 metric tons
Length: 354.2 m (1162 ft)
Width: 541.8 m (1778 ft)
Height: 73.5 m (241 ft)
Complement: 500
Speed: 3500 c


For a fairly standard Klingon vessel, IKS Kre'vok has a colorful history. Originally named IKS Qu'tas, she was constructed for the House of Duras in the 2350s as part of an order for several large cruisers. She was undergoing repairs in a shipyard during the Klingon civil war of 2367-2368, and did not see combat during that conflict. After the House of Duras was defeated, IKS Qu'tas was seized by the Klingon High Council and put into service in the Klingon Defense Force as part of the Imperial (non-house affiliated) Fleet.

As a dishonored ship, IKS Qu'tas was not well treated by her crews and starbase. Continued poor maintenance led to an impulse reactor meltdown and subsequent plasma fire which severely damaged the ship in 2370. The cruiser's gutted hulk was auctioned as scrap and acquired by Kozak. Soon after IKS Qu'tas was repaired, the House of Kozak encountered difficulties of its own and no longer had the resources to upkeep the cruiser. The ship was returned to the Klingon Defense Force.

IKS Qu'tas finally saw combat for the first time in early 2372 against Cardassian and Federation forces. She was disabled and captured by the Federation cruiser USS Grover Cleveland during the battle at Ajilon Prime and was briefly placed into service with Starfleet Intelligence. After the cease-fire, she was returned to the Klingon Empire. Disgraced for the last time, IKS Qu'tas was decommissioned and once again sold as scrap.

Again, barely escaping her demise, the cruiser was acquired by the House of Krenn, rebuilt, and renamed IKS Kre'vok. In her new life, she participated in the operation to retake Deep Space 9 in 2374, and emerged victorious in several other major missions against the Dominion. With her honor restored, IKS Kre'vok continues to serve in the service of the Klingon Empire.

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Model notes:

This is a stock AMT/Ertl 1/650 scale B'rel class Bird-of-Prey model rescaled to represent a 1/1400 scale K'vort class cruiser, since in "prototype", both classes share the same shape and planform, and differ externally only in size. To represent the larger ship, I drilled small porthole windows in the command pod and forward secondary hull to show a larger number of decks, I plated over the top and bottom of the impulse engine, and I gave it a more uniform, cleaner (for a bird-of-prey anyway) paint scheme.

All original materials on this web page, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright 1999 Markus C. Nee. All rights reserved. Ask for my permission before using any of my work. Thanks.

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