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Freight Locomotives


Union Pacific SD40-2H 3258

I built this model in 1991 using an Athearn body, Cannon cab, nose, and grilles, and various other detail parts. The chassis is a Proto Power West repowered Athearn drive. It is a former Union Pacific snoot nose equipped 8000-class "Fast Forty" regeared for regular freight service.


Union Pacific SD60M 6249

This began as a scratchbuild project, but as I was building it, various components became commercially available. The long hood uses Cannon doors and Rail Power roof. The cab is a modified Smokey Valley part, and the walkways and pilots are from various Athearn shells. The chassis is from Overland. I completed this model in the summer of 1992.


MoPac 2305 and 4508

These are two old retired Athearn models that I used to practice weathering techniques. They are not fully accurate representations of Missouri Pacific locomotives, and they've been stripped of their motors and gearboxes so they no longer operate.