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Amtrak Locomotives, Cars, and Cabs


P42DC: 25 and 27

These are Athearn models of General Electric P42DC passenger locomotives that have been detailed with Details West and Detail Associates parts, and custom painted and lettered with Microscale decals. Models completed March 2002.


Hi-level Coach Dorm

This is Train Station Products' model of an ex-ATSF Hi-level transition dormitory coach car. At the time I finished the model, I didn't have the correct Phase III step-up stripes decals, so I gave it a temporary Phase IV paint scheme. This is perhaps a conjectural view of what these cars might look like if they were still in operation today. Model completed January 2001.


Pacific Parlour

I modified a Walthers Superliner I lounge car to resemble a Pacific Parlour Lounge. This is my stand-in for the first class lounge on the Coast Starlight until a plastic model of an ATSF Hi-Level lounge becomes available. The car features a full interior, even though it's barely visible through the tinted windows. Model completed November 2003.



Walthers models of the double-deck long distance cars built by Pullman and Bombardier. Superliner I cars have been "re-striped" with Bare Metal Foil and Microscale decals to simulate the mylar striping under the prototype's Phase IV paint scheme, with the previous Phase III paint scheme showing through slightly. Models completed November 2000 though November 2003.


F40NPCU 90200

On a Michigan train in the late afternoon sun:

On Midwest and Pacific Northwest corridor trains, Amtrak has been using cab cars built from retired and gutted EMD F40PH locomotives. This model was a "trashbash" project, where I tried to use only parts from my junk bin to build it. The cab and hood end are from an old Bachmann toy. The sides, roof, and baggage door was scratchbuilt from sheet styrene. The frame is scratchbuilt, and the trucks, fuel tank, air tank, and battery box are adapted from various scrap parts. Model completed June 2002.

Behind the scenes:


F40PH 409

This is a mildly modified and super-detailed Walthers model of an EMD F40PH in the Amtrak Phase IV paint scheme. I added photo-etched radiator and intake grilles, Q-fans, underframe piping and details, ditch lights, grab irons, and various other small details. I also milled the frame so the body can be mounted a little bit farther forward, closer to prototype. Model completed August 2001.