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Publications, Working Papers, and Work in Progress

Social Interactions and Spillover Effects

Indirect Effects of an Aid Program: How do Cash Injections Affect Ineligibles' Consumption?, with Giacomo De Giorgi, American Economic Review, 99(1), March 2009. Here is the Appendix.

Village Economies and the Structure of Extended Family Networks, with Giacomo De Giorgi, Marcos Rangel, and Imran Rasul, B.E Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, (9)1, Article 44, October 2009.

Family networks and school enrollment: evidence from a randomized social experiment, with Giacomo De Giorgi, Marcos Rangel, and Imran Rasul, Journal of Public Economics, 94(3-4), April 2010.

Extended family networks in rural Mexico: a descriptive analysis, with Giacomo De Giorgi, Marcos Rangel, and Imran Rasul, Institutional Microeconomics of Development, edited by Timothy Besley and Raji Jayaraman, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010.


Program evaluation and spillover effects, with Vincenzo Di Maro, Journal of Development Effectiveness, 8(1), 22-43, 2016.


Resource sharing within family networks: insurance and investment, with Giacomo De Giorgi and Imran Rasul, The Economic Journal, forthcoming.


When incentives backfire: Spillover effects in food choice, with Silvia Prina, Heather Royer, and Anya Samek, submitted.


Spillover effects of micro-credit in Mexico, with Tim Conley, Dean Karlan, and Jon Zinman.



Household Behavior with Financial Market Imperfections (and How to Alleviate Them)


Love on the rocks: Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse in Rural Mexico, B.E Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 8(1), Article 43, 2008.


Oportunidades: program effects on consumption, low participation, and methodological issues, with Orazio Attanasio, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 57:3, April 2009.


U.S. Border Enforcement and the Net Flow of Mexican Illegal Migration, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 60(2), January 2012.


Conditional cash transfer programs, credit constraints, and migration, LABOUR, 26(1), March 2012.


The Impact of Oportunidades on Consumption, Savings, Assets, and Transfers, with Orazio Attanasio and Vincenzo Di Maro, Fiscal Studies, 33(3), September 2012.


The demand for food of poor urban Mexican households: understanding policy impacts using structural models, with Orazio Attanasio, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(1), February 2013.


Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco, with Dean Karlan, and Jon Zinman, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(1), January 2015.


Migration and financial constraints: evidence from Mexico, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(1), March 2015.


Win Some Lose Some? Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco, with Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman.


Heterogeneity and aggregation: testing for efficiency in intra-household allocation, with Robert Garlick.


The marriage market for lemons: HIV testing and marriage market in rural Malawi, with Daniel Bennett, submitted.



Financial and Mental Distress


Productivity and Choice Under Stress: Are Men and Women Different?, with Karina Cordova. Here is the Appendix.


Income Changes and Economic Behavior, with Carlos Chiapa, Silvia Prina, and Irvin Rojas.


Gender differences in cognitive function, performance beliefs, and risk preferences under stress, with Karina Cordova.



Ownership, competition and enterprise performance, with Saul Estrin, Comparative Economic Studies, 45(2), July 2003.






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