Jeanne Mackey

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A Musical Chronology

1975-1976: Jeanne Mackey
& Mary Trevor

1976-1977: Jeanne Mackey
& Penny Rosenwasser

1977-1979: Redwing

(with Penny Rosenwasser,
Mark Horwitz)

1979: Jeanne Mackey & Janet White 

1979-1981: Heresy

(with Janet White,
Diane de Graffenreid ('79-'80), Diana Onley-Campbell ('79-'80), Toshi Reagon ('80-'81),Debbie Hyman ('81))


1982-1991: Lifeline

(with Mary Trevor,
Kris Koth, Rochelle Loconto)

1994-1995: Harmony Bones

(with Rosie Gowdey, Julie Parsons, Kris Koth, Barbara Lewis)


1998-1999: What's Inside

(with Kathleen Moore, Don Allen, Matthew Allen)


2001-2004: Songcatchers
(with Kathy Moore, Tim Twiss, Leigh Daniels, Dan Bilich, Laz Slomovits, Don Allen)


1995-2008: Sacred Song

(Served as director, 1999-2008)



2010-present: "Drop the Knife: A Memoir-in-Song"

(with Laz Slomovits, Eric Fithian, Lori Fithian. Stacie Chaiken: Dramaturg)

Harmony Bones
2013-present: Harmony Bones (with Laszlo Slomovits, Tom Voiles, Linda Teaman, and Eric Fithian). We figured a good band name deserves new life in a new town!