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My research interests lie in development and labor economics. I am particularly interested in the working of government programs and in how economic conditions interact with cultural traditions and preferences at the household level.

Current research projects focus on the impacts of poverty-alleviation programs in developing countries, the effects of weather shocks and natural disasters, and the causes and consequences of intra-household resource allocation.

My earlier published work also deals with the ethnic self-identification of migrants in Germany.

Research Statement

Dissertation Abstract




Why Guarantee Employment? Evidence from a Large Indian Public-Works Program (Job Market Paper)

Guns and Butter? Fighting Violence with the Promise of Development (with Gaurav Khanna)

Remember When It Rained: The Elusiveness of Gender Discrimination in Indian School Enrollment, IZA Discussion Paper No. 6833 (September 2012)

It's a Boy! Women and Non-Monetary Benefits from a Son in India, IZA Discussion Paper No. 6847 (September 2012)

Demographic Challenges Facing the Elderly in Sub-Saharan Africa (with David Lam and Rebecca Thornton)

Clash of Cultures: Muslims and Christians in the Ethnosizing Process (with Amelie Constant, Liliya Gataullina, Klaus F. Zimmermann),
IZA Discussion Paper No. 2350 (September 2006) 


Jai Ho? The Impact of a Large Public-Works Program on the Government's Election Performance in India

Rainfall Shocks in Indonesia (with Raj Arunachalam)

Intra-Household Gender Discrimination in India


Public Works and Maoist Violence in India, forthcoming in Economics of Peace and Security Journal (with Gaurav Khanna)  

Public-Works Programs in Developing Countries, forthcoming in IZA World of Labor

Reconsidering Gender Bias in Intra-Household Allocation in India,  Journal of Development Studies, 48(1): 151-163, 2012

Human Capital and Ethnic Self-Identification of Migrants, Economics Letters, 98(3): 235-239, 2008 (with Amelie Constant, Liliya Gataullina, and Klaus F. Zimmermann)

Ethnic Self-Identification of First-Generation Immigrants, International Migration Review, 41(3): 769-781, 2007 (with Amelie Constant, Klaus F. Zimmermann)


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