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Arthur Lupia

Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan

Research Professor, Institute for Social Research

Treasurer, American Political Science Association

T: 734.647.7549

F: 734.764.3341



Value of Political Science

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>The Democratic Dilemma: Can Citizens Learn What They Need to Know? (1998)

> Elements of Reason: Cognition, Choice, and the Bounds of Rationality (2000)

> Stealing the Initiative: How State Government Responds to Direct Democracy (2001)

> Positive Changes in Political Science: The Legacy of Richard D. McKelvey's Most Influential Writings (2007)

> The Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science (2010)


Research Topics

Voting/Mass Decisions
 > Civic Competence
 > Deliberation
 > Direct Democracy
 > Experiments
 > Models
 > Political Communication
Political Psychology
 > Racially Polarized Voting

Legislation/Elite Decisions
 > Delegation and Accountability
 > McCain/Feingold
 > Parliaments/Coalitions
 > Statutory Interpretation
 > Term Limits

Methods/Phil. of Science
 > Game Theory
 > Value of Political Science