Maui August 2009

These pictures were taken in Maui in August 2009, at Molokini crater and at various sites along the coast. We used a Nikon D80 with a 60mm macro lens in an Ikelite housing. About 1/3 of the pictures were taken by my dive buddy  -- my daughter, Evelyn.

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    --Len Sander


Whitetip shark

Two whitetip sharks

Whitetip sharks in cave

Heller's barracuda

Bigeye emporor

Brown chub

Peacock Razorfish


Leaf scorpionfish


Another Turtle

Yellowmargin moray

Whitemouth moray

Zebra moray

Dwarf moray

Bluehead butterflyfish

Spotted boxfish

Domino damselfish

Redlip Parrotfish

Bigscale soldierfish