sinaibilliard.pdfEquilibrium Statistical Physics

With Computer Simulations in Python

by Leonard M. Sander

Professor of Physics
& Complex Systems
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Paperback, 334 pages.

Published by Createspace. Available at




This book is intended primarily as a graduate textbook for students of Physics. Students in other fields such as Biophysics, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or Chemistry may also find much to interest them here. It is based on the author's many years of experience teaching in the Physics department of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It can also serve as a reference for interested students and researchers. 


The book is based a point of view which is quite different from most texts in the field: the author is persuaded that the best way to learn this subject is to do hands-on computer simulations as part of learning the subject. Accordingly, computer algorithms are integrated in the book as exercises, and computer results in the text. There is a set of programs at the end of the book, and they are also available in machine-readable form, below.


This book is self-published using the print-on-demand facilities at The primary reason is to keep the price down; this author has been disturbed by the out-of-control inflation of textbooks. Another advantage of print-on-demand is to allow rapid corrections of any errors that are found. A record of the changes will be posted on this website.

Physics Today talks about this book and self-publishing in the November 2013 issue.




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Information for instructors: if you are interested in adopting this book for a course, contact me,


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for a (partial) set of problem solutions. Also, I would be very interested in your reactions to this experiment in using computers this way (and also in using print-on-demand). Contact me with your comments.

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