The Ligand Binding Domain of Nuclear Receptors

 Larry P. Taylor, Ph.D.

Mental Health Research Institute

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan   48109 USA

Email: lpt

 Submitted to Birkbeck College as part of course requirements for

Advanced Certificate in Principles of Protein Structure

October 27, 2000

 This site contains three-dimensional coordinate files (*.pdb). You will need a molecular viewer application plug-in for your browser such as the freeware programs Protein Explorer , Ras Top ,  or Swiss (Deep) View .to visualize these molecules. Without a viewer, hypertext links to the coordinate files in this document will merely display a list of coordinates or an unresolved image.

Molecular modeling images were generated using SYBYL 6.6 on a SGI O2 workstation.


 A Nuclear Receptor


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