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Computer simulations are powerful visualization aids that improve our understanding of molecular phenomena. Modeling is a tool, used in conjunction with experimental biologists. It is the constant feedback between computer modeling and “real data” that allows our perception of reality to improve. We must never forget without the “reality check” of experimental data, our computer-generated perceptions may be limited AND that given more data and better tools our visions will most likely change.

To illustrate this, consider the following two images (photographs of computer screens). Both were generated from the same image file One image was displayed with a cga monitor (8086 processor) and the second with an svga monitor (Pentium processor).


Same File: Different Resolutions:



While much progress has been made in understanding the structure of the nuclear receptor family of proteins, there is still much data to collect to improve the resolution of our picture.



 Title Page    Ligand Binding Domain    MR Model   Brookhaven Structures    Journal References

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Fantasia Image File was a gift from the now defunct Genie Round Table Public Walt Disney Image Collection