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There is only one force in the world that can potentially curtail the decision makers in the US military and government, and that is the US people.

For more information on the items below contact the Ann Arbor Inter-Faith Council for Peace and Justice (734-663-1870), or a village nonbeliever like me (Eric Lormand, office phone 734-763-3491, email lormand@umich.edu).


1. Please write or call your members of Congress, and ask them to support H.R. 611 and S 980.

If they support it, thank them and ask them to cosponsor it. If you’re from out of state or out of town, even better! (Not sure who your representative is? I can help, see above to reach me.)
Senators: [Name], US Senate, Washington, DC 20510
Representatives: [Name], US House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515
US Capitol Switchboard: 800-522-6721 202-224-3121


2. Watch this space for information about campus and town events, or email me to join an email announcements group.

The next monthly meeting of the ICPJ Latin America group is this Tuesday, 10/13, 7:30pm, at the First Baptist Church on Washington near State, Ann Arbor.


3. Spread the word to your friends.

Interfaith Council or I would also be glad to give a talk and/or show a film to your small or large group (dorm, club, ROTC class, etc.).


4. Educate yourself further about the School of the Americas.

Web Sites:
    http://www.derechos.org/soaw/ (SOA Watch)
Documentary Films (Free rental at Liberty Street Video, 119 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor, 313-663-3121):
    School of Assassins (18 minutes, Academy Award nominee)
    Inside the School of Assassins (54 minutes)
Books ($12 at Shaman Drum):
    School of Assassins (Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, 100 pages)


5. Join the vigil/protest in Georgia on November 22nd-23rd, 1998.

There will be a convoy of vans (looks like 3, maybe 4) leaving from Ann Arbor to Columbus, Georgia on Friday Nov 20th, returning Monday Nov 23rd.  Along with people flying down and driving separately.

Anticipated Schedule:
    Morning, TBA: One van will leave A2 (place TBA), stopping overnight enroute.
    Noon (tentative): Remaining vans and supporters in other vehicles may drive around Ann Arbor as in a funeral, but with signs (as a media/morale sendoff.)
    5:30-6pm (tentative): Vans and supporters may resume drive around Ann Arbor (perhaps picking up riders who cannot be dropped off).
    6pm: Remaining vans will leave (place TBA) and drive through the night.
    Noon: We should all be in Columbus by this time (hotel info TBA).
    Afternoon: SOA Watch events (talks, line-crossing training, etc.)
    Early afternoon: Large gathering, then line-crossing begins.
    Mid afternoon: If non-line-crossers need, perhaps one van can return overnight to Ann Arbor in time for work Monday.
    Late night (expected): SOA is shut down, or line-crossers are released.
    Overnight: In Columbus hotel.
    Early morning (6am-8am?): Vans leave for Ann Arbor.
    Late night (10pm-midnight?): Vans arrive in Ann Arbor.

Please contact the ICPJ office (734-663-1870) if you:
 - need to be picked up Friday (parking until Monday at the departure site will probably not be allowed)
 - want to join the morning van Friday
- want to arrive back by Monday morning (by van)
 - will have trouble paying the $45-50 total cost of van & hotel

Drivers Wanted:

We are in need of UM-affiliated people to drive the vans; the more the safer/convenienter/merrier.  If you haven't been through one of the van training sessions, you'd need to do that, under the university's insurance deal.   (Drivers don't have to shoulder any insurance risk.)  I've been trough this training, and the teacher is fun.  There's no driving test; it's a film about wearing seatbelts and not driving on sidewalks, about how vans handle, etc.

The next scheduled training is: Thurs 10/15 10am-noon, Transportation Services, 1213 Kipke Drive (next to Crisler Arena, where the big blue buses live), 764-3427.  Free, but preregistration is required, and slots are filling up.

There will be other scheduled times (probably one more in October, and two more in November).  I will announce them if I hear of them, or you can call the number above.

Please let me (lormand@umich.edu, 734-763-3491) know if we can count on you as a driver.


6. Please help fund the trip (ICPJ, 734-663-1870):.

We ain’t too proud …


7. About the larger issue, the ongoing worldwide US efforts to crush democratic self-determination in favor of US multinational business profits:

Web Sites:
    The Chomsky Archive - http://www.worldmedia.com/archive/
    WebActive (lots of RealAudio to play while you do chores) - http://www.webactive.com/
    Free Speech TV (lots of RealVideo to play while you do chores) – www.fstv.com
    Covert Action Quarterly - http://www.worldmedia.com/caq/
Documentary Films (at Liberty Street Video):
    State of Siege
    The Panama Deception
Dramatization Films (at Liberty Street Video):
Very short books/pamphlets:
    Noam Chomsky, What Uncle Sam Really Wants
    Mark Zepezauer, The CIA’s Greatest Hits [source of the cartoons above]
Longer books:
    Willliam Blum, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II [source of most unattributed text above]


Most importantly:

8. Don’t be duped in the future when our "leaders" in Washington and our big-business "free press" try to scare you about "insurgents", "communists", "terrorists", "drugs", etc. Clearly nothing going under these names is ideal, clearly much of what goes under these names is ugly, but none of them is on the scale of, and none of them justifies, the hideous crimes perpetrated in the name of "counterinsurgency", "anticommunism", "antiterrorism", "the war on drugs", etc.