University of Michigan
Faculty for Affirmative Action

As faculty at the University of Michigan,
we declare our support for affirmative action.
In our experience, affirmative action policies--
such as those employed in University of Michigan admissions--
are essential in promoting equal access to education,
improving the quality of education for all students,
and contributing to equality of opportunity in the society at large.


There are 692 individual signers as of February 24th, 1999, listed below:

It is also endorsed by the following faculty-related groups:
Academics for Affirmative Action and Social Justice (AAASJ)
Association of Black Professionals & Administrators, Faculty and Staff

If you are a UM faculty member and you would like to sign this statement,
please send a message to
You may also add in a message a relevant statement of any length or style,
or a web link, to be listed (with a short title, preferably) next to your name.

Doing this does not require joining the group "Faculty for Affirmative Action",
but if you would like to receive email announcements from the group
or participate in planning, please say so.

If you have signed on but do not find your name, or find your name but have not signed on,
we apologize and ask you to write; probably a typo or some such glitch.

Boldface = Chairs, Directors, Deans, ...

- A -

Yvonne Abdoo: Nursing
Jamie Abelson: Social Work
Julia Adams: Sociology
J. D. Allan: SNRE
James Allen: Physics
Layman Allen: Law
Richard Allen: Communications
Paula Allen-Meares: Soc Work
William Alexander: English
Tomas Almaguer: Socio; Amer Cult
Jose Alvarez: Law
Elizabeth Anderson: Philosophy
Pat Anderson: Head, Dentistry Library
Paul Anderson: AC; Hist; Soc of Fellows
Naomi Andre: Music
Frances Aparicio: Romance Langs
Janis Apted: University Librarian
Meigan Aronson: Physics
Frank Ascione: Pharmacy
Daniel Atkins: Information; EECS
Daniel Axelrod: Physics
Elizabeth Axelson: English Language

- B -

Lillian Back: English
Catherine Badgley: Residential College
Richard Bailey: English
Bob Bain: Educational Studies
Arnetha Ball: Education
Deborah Ball: Education
Gilda Ballester: AOSS
Kate Barald: Anatomy & Cell Biology
James Barber: Mech Engin
Maria Barna: RC; Chamber Music
Ricardo Bartelme: Family Medicine
Dana Barton: Social Work
Rashid Bashshur: HMP
Percy Bates: Education
William Baxter: ALC; Linguistics
Ruby Beale: Business
John Beckerman: Law
Robert Beckley: Arch & Urb Planning
Gary Beckman: Near Eastern Studies
Patrice Beddor: Linguistics
Charles Behling: Psychology
Catherine Benamou: AC; Film; Rom Langs
Veronica Benet-Martinez: Psychology
Jose Benki: Linguistics
Anne Berggren: English
Paul Berman: Physics
Gary Bernstein: Astronomy
Harvey Bertcher: Social Work
Eric Bilsky: Law
Vincenzo Binetti: Romance Langs
Matthew Biro: History of Art
William Birdsall: Social Work
S M Blinder: Chemistry
Rolf Bodmer: Biology
Michael Boehnke: Biostatistics
Marvin Boluyt: Kinesiology
John Bound: Economics
Carol Boyd: Nursing
C. Loring Brace: Anthropology
Janice Brady: Nursing
Enoch Brater: English
Steven Brechin: SNRE; RC
Michael Bridges: Mech Engin
Charles Bright: Residential College
Howard Bromberg: Law
Catherine Brown: Comp Lit; Rom Langs
Donald Brown: Psychology
Lorray Brown: Law
Morton Brown: Biostatistics
Morton Brown: Mathematics
Win Brown: Health Behavior & Educ
Celeste Brusati: History of Art
Bunyan Bryant, Jr: SNRE
Henry Buchtel: Psychiatry
Jane Burbank: CREES; History
Brian A. Burt: Epidemiology
David Burton: Social Work
Joan Butler: Tech Services Librarian
Dominique Butler-Borruat: RC
Gregory Button: Health Behavior & Educ

- C -

Kenneth Cadigan: Biology
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell: HMP
Kathleen Canning: History; WS; Intl Inst
Richard Candida Smith: Amer Cult; Hist
Deborah Carr: Sociology
John Carson: History
Sueann Caulfield: History; RC
Rosario Ceballo: Psychology; WS
David Chambers III: Law
Ross Chambers: Romance Langs
Linda Chatters: Public Health
Barry Checkoway: Soc Work; Urb Plan
Serena Chen: Psychology
Mark Chesler: Sociology
Gwen Chivers: Pharm; U Health Serv
Gregory Christman: Ob/Gyn; Reprod Sci
Edward Chudacoff: Music
Joy Cichewicz: New Learning Comm Library
Bernadine Cimprich: Nursing
Toby Citrin: Health Mngmt & Policy
Emily Cloyd: English
Maria Comninou: Mech Engin
Hubert Cohen: Film & Video; RC
Juan Cole: History
Patricia Coleman-Burns: Nursing
William Collins: Psych; Comp Studies
Constance Cook: Educ; CRLT; Acad Affairs
Frederick Cooper: History; CAAS; RC
Fernando Coronil: Anthro; History
Matthew Countryman: Hist; Amer Cult; CAAS
Paul Courant: Assoc Provost; Econ; Pub Policy
Charles Cowley: Astronomy
Penelope Crawford: Music
Janet Crayne: University Librarian
Larry Cressman: Art; Res College
Mark Crimmins; Philosophy
Jennifer Crocker: Psychology
Sam Cronk: Info; Cult Heritage
Thomas Crow: SNRE
Susan Crowell: Residential College
John Chamberlin: Pub Policy; Poli Sci

- D -

Lisa Damour: Psychology
Yolande Daniels: Arch & Urb Planning
Sandra Danziger: Social Work
James Dapogny: Music
Cynthia Darling-Fisher: Nursing
Stephen Darwall: Philosophy
Peggy Daub: Special Colls Librarian
Betsy Davis: Education
Lewander Davis: Acad Services; Eng
Mark DeCamp: Chemistry
Margarita De La Vega-Hurtado: Amer Cult; RC
Jeanine Ann DeLay: Kinesiology
Avery Demond: Civil & Env Engin
Frederic Dennis: Lesbian, Gay, Bi Prog
Donald Deskins Jr: Sociology
Margaret Dewar: Arch & Urb Planning
Raymond De Young: SNRE
James Diana: SNRE
Glenda Dickerson: Rackham; Theatre
Todd Dinkelman: Education
Donald G. DiPaolo: Educational Studies Faculty
Travis Dixon: Communication
Susan Douglas: Commun; Journalism
Elizabeth Douvan: Psychology; WS
Kathleen Dow: Special Colls Librarian
Karen Downing: University Librarian
William Drake: Arch; Pub Health; SNRE
James Driscoll: Aerospace Engin
William Dunham: Biophysics

- E -

Herbert Eagle: Slavic; Res College
Jacquelynne Eccles: Educ & Psych
Rebecca Eisenberg: Law
Frieda Ekotto: Romance Languages
Geoffrey Eley: History
Julie Ellison: VP for Res Ofc; English
Phoebe Ellsworth: Law
A.W. England: EECS; AOSS
Donna Erickson: SNRE
Leonard Eron: Psychology
Jeffrey Evans: Psych; RC; Phys Med
Susan Everson: Epidemiology

- F -

 Todd Fair: Music
Kathleen Faller: Social Work
Lincoln Faller: English
Ali Farghaly: Near Eastern Studies
William Farrand: Geology
David Featherman: ISR; Socio; Psych
Paul Federbush: Mathematics
Eugene Feingold: Health Mngmt & Pol
Sheila Feld: Social Work
Jason Finkle: Popul Plan & Intl Health
Nancy Florida: Asian Lang & Culture

Gordon Flynn: Pharmaceutics - Statement on AA
Sallie Foley: Social Work
Richard Ford: Anthropology
Neal Foster: SNRE
Helen Fox: English, Residential College - An Open Letter to Students about AA
Barbara Fredrickson: Psychology
Katherine Freese: Physics
Bruce Frier: Classical Studies; Law
Stefan Frisch: Linguistics
Phyllis Frus: English
Yi-Tsi Feuerwerker: ALC; Res College

- G -

Martha Gach: Residential College
Lois Gage: Nursing
Renoir Gaither: Shapiro Librarian
Richard Gallagher: English Lang & Lit
Bernard Galler: EECS
Larry Gant: Social Work
George Garcia: Pharmacy
Richard Garrison: Env & Indus Health
Susan Gelman: Psychology
Anne Ruggles Gere: English; Educ
Arline Geronimus: HBHE
Margaret Gnegy: Pharmacology
Fatma Gocek: Sociology; WS
Martin Gold: Psychology
Laurence Goldstein: English
Deborah Goldberg: Biology
Edward Goldberg: Ob/Gyn
Richard Goldstein: Biology; Biophys Res
John Gonzalez: English; Amer Cult
Richard Gonzales: Psychology
Jesse Gordon: Social Work
Maria Gough: History of Art
David Grabiner: Mathematics
Sandra Graham-Bermann: Psych
Kenrick Grandison: SNRE
Inyigo Granzow-de la Cerda: Herbarium; RC
Daniel Green: Ophthal; Biomed Engin
Thomas Green: Law; History
Henry Greenspan: Residential Coll
William Gregory: Clinical Dentistry
Robert Grese: SNRE
Raymond Grew: History
Bob Griess: Mathematics
John Griffith: Health Mngmt & Policy
Linda Groat: Architecture
M. Melissa Gross: Kinesiology
Samuel Gross: Law
Marion Guck: Music
Thomas Guglielmo: Sociology
Sandra Gunning: English; Amer Cult
Patricia Gurin: LSA; Psychology
Lorraine Gutierrez: Psych; Soc Work

- H -

Beth Hackett: Women’s Studies
John Hagen: HGD; Psychology
Peter Hammer: Law
Sioban Harlow: Epidemiology
David Harris: Sociology
Jane Hassinger: Psych; WS; Soc Work
Sioban Harlow: Public Health
James Hathaway: Law
Elizabeth Hay: Art & Design
Jarrod Hayes: Romance Languages
Brian Hazlett: Biology
Gabrielle Hecht: History & Residential College
Karl Hecht: Physics
Warren Hecht: Residential College
Margaret Hedstrom: Information
Jane Heirich: Residential College
Max Heirich: Sociology; RC
Marie-Helene Huet: Romance Langs
Gloria Helfand: SNRE
Donald Heller: Education - Lawsuits Threaten to Derail Diversity Effort
Michael Heller: Law
Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola: Rom Langs
Anne Herrmann: Women’s Studies
Donald Herzog: Law
Juli Highfill: Romance Languages
David Hills: Philosophy
Rick Hills: Law
Peter Hinman: Mathematics
Ada Sue Hinshaw: Nursing
Susan Hollar: Educ & Info Sys Librarian
G.R. Holland, Endodontics
Mark Holter: Social Work
Peter Honeyman: EECS; Info Tech
Jeffrey Housner: Family Medicine
Denise Howard: Ob/Gyn
June Howard: English; Amer Culture
Joel Howell: Society & Medicine; Hist
Barbara Houghton: Nursing
Nancy Houk: Astronomy
Sarah Humphreys: Hist; Anthro; Greek
Nancy Hunt: History; Ob/Gyn
Andrea Hunter: Social Work; IRWG
Sylvia Hurtado: Education
Saul Hymans: Economics

- I -

 Michael Ignelzi, Jr: Dentistry
Berit Ingersoll-Dayton: Social Work
Marita Inglehart: Psych; Dentistry
William Ingram: English
Barbara Israel: Health Mngmt & Policy
Ken Ito: Asian Languages & Cultures
Philip Ivanhoe: ALC; Philosophy
Linda Ivany: Geology
Katherine Ives: Social Work

- J -

Carol Jacobsen: Art
James Jackson: CAAS; Psych; HBE
Travis Jackson: Musicology
Peter Jacobson: HMP
Lemuel Johnson: English
Mary Johnson: Internal Medicine
Timothy Johnson: Ob/Gyn; WS; HGD
Karen Lee Jones: Prostho; Bio Scis
J. Wayne Jones: UG Educ, Engineering
James Joyce: Philosophy
Judy M. Judd: Nursing
Larry Junck: Neurology

- K -

Fritz Kaenzig: Music
Gordon Kane: Physics
Elijah Kannatey-Asibu, Jr: Mech Engin
George Kaplan: Epidemiology
Rachel Kaplan: Psychology; SNRE
Stephen Kaplan: Psychology; EECS
Wilfred Kaplan: Mathematics
Henry Kapteyn: EECS
Sharon Kardia: Epidemiology
Carol Karlsen: History
Peter Kaufman: Biology
Massoud Kaviany: Mech Engin
Joshua Kay: PMR
Arlene Keizer: English
Joan Kellenberg: Nursing
Deborah Keller-Cohen: Ling; Educ
Stephen Kesler: Geology
Shake Ketefian: Nursing
James Kibbie: Music
Edith Kieffer: HBHE
Cheryl Killion: Nursing
Howard Kimeldorf: Sociology
Carol Kinney: HGD
Leslie Kish: Sociology
James Kister: Mathematics
Valerie Kivelson: History
Lewis Kleinsmith: Biology
Daniel Koditschek: EECS
Ira Konigsberg: English; Film & Video
James Koopman: Epidemiology
Masato Koreeda: Chemistry
Sherri Kossoudji: Social Work
Sridhar Kota: Mech Engin
Conrad Kottak: Anthropology
Jeffrey Kuras: Theatre; U Productions

- L -

 Joseph Lam: Music; Stearns Collection
Rebecca Lange: Geology
John Langmore: Biophysics
Paula Lantz: HMP
Ann Larimore: Women’s Studies; RC
Edward Larsen: NERS
Kerry Larson: English
Armand Lauffer: Social Work
Janet Lawrence: Education
Darlene Ledwon: Nursing
Theresa Lee: Psych; Reproductive Sci
Valerie Lee: Education
Richard Lempert: Law
Joanne Leonard: Art & Design
Jim Lepkowski: Biostatistics; ISR
Margaret Levenstein: Business
Edith Lewis: Social Work
Richard Lichtenstein: HMP
Victor Lieberman: History
Zeuler Lima: Architecture
Jennifer Linderman: Chemical Engin
Edith Livesay: English
Shirley Lockery: Social Work
Louis Loeb: Philosophy
Walter Loesche: Dentistry
Eric Lormand: Philosophy - A Consistent Libertarian Defends AA
Jean Loup: Library Administration
Carol Lovelend-Cherry: Nursing
Betsy Lozoff: Res VP Ofc; PCD; HGD
Sally Lubeck: Education
Sally Luck: Nursing
John Lynch: Epidemiology
Andrea Lyon: Law

- M -

Carolyn Madden: Eng Lang Institute
Deborah Malamud: Law
Melvin Manis: Psychology
Richard Mann: Psychology
Bruce Mannheim: Anthropology
Carl Marrs: Epidemiology
Karin Martin: Sociology
Patricia Martin: University Library
Jonathan Marwil: History
Margaret Scisney Matlock: Nursing
Rowena Matthews: Biophys; Bio Chem
Jacqueline Mattis: Psych; WS
Frances Mayes: Nursing
Jyotirmoy Mazumder: Mech Engin
Bridget McCormack: Law
Christopher McCrudden: Law
Terry McDonald: Acad Affairs; Hist
Kellie McElhaney: Business
Dennis McEnnerney: English Comp
Darlene Mcgrath: Hospital Soc Work
Joan McGowan : Dental Hygiene
Patrick McGovern: Urb Plan; Amer Cult
James Mcintosh: English
Timothy Mckay: Physics
Wilbert Mckeachie: Psychology
Vonnie Mcloyd: CAAS; Psych; HGD
Andrew Mead: Music Theory
Robert Megginson: Mathematics
Samuel Meisels: Education; HGD
Miriam Meisler: Human Genetics
Katherine Mendeloff: RC
Steve Meshnick: Epidemiology
Piotr Michalowski: NES
Stephen Mick: HMP
Kenneth Mikolowski: RC
Jerry Miller: Psychology
Josef Miller: Otolaryngology
Michael Miller: Info Services
J.S. Milne: Mathematics
Charlotte Mistretta: Dentistry
Michele Mitchell: History; CAAS
Andre Modigliani: Sociology
Paul Mohai: SNRE
Elizabeth Moje: Education
Barbara Monroe: English
Maria Montoya: History; Amer Culture
Lester Monts: Acad Affairs; Music
David Moore: Kinesiology
Michael Moore: SNRE
Regina Morantz-Sanchez: History
H. Joan Morley: Linguistics; Eng Lang
Barbra Morris: English; RC
Roberta Morris: Law
Carol Mowbray: Social Work
Eliana Moya-Raggio: RC
Erik Mueggler: Anthropology
Susan Murray: Biostatistics

- N -

 Vijay Nair: Statistics
Joan Nassauer: SNRE
Lucila Nerenberg: Psychiatry
Gayl Ness: Sociology
Michael Nettles: Education
Jana Nidiffer: Education
Richard Nisbett: Psychology
Gail Nomura: Asian/Pac Amer Studies
Franco Nori: Physics
Anita Norich: JS; English
A.M. Nornes: Film & Video; ALC

- O -

 Deborah Oakley: Nursing
Carla O’Connor: Education
Patricia O’Dowd: English
Michelle O’Grady: Nursing
Sheryl Olson: Psychology; HGD
Geneva Omann: Bio Chemistry; Surgery
Jim Ottaviani: Media Union Library

- P -

 Jeff Paige: Sociology
Albert Park, Economics
Denise Park: Psychology
Jeffrey Parsons: Anthropology
Stephanie Patterson: Radiology
Ara Paul; Pharmacy
Janie Paul: Art & Design
William Paulson: Romance Langs
Erica Paslick: Residential College
Silvia Pedraza: Sociology
Ivette Perfecto: SNRE
Marion Perlmutter: Psychology
Martin Pernick: History
Frederick Peters: Residential College
Mathilde Peters: CRSE
Adela Pinch: English
Nichole Pinkard: Education
George Piranian: Mathematics
Stephanie Platz: History
Thomas Plum: Social Work
Joanne Pohl: Nursing
Eileen Pollack: English
Harold Pollack: HMP
Alan Pollard: University Librarian
John Ponyicsanyi: English
Cornelia Porter: Nursing
David Porter: English
Celine Portet: Romance Languages
Kenneth Powell: Aerospace Engin
Thomas Powell: Social Work
Gopal Prasad: Mathematics
Rebecca Price-Wilkin: UM Lib; AUP
Johanna Prins: English
Ian Proops: Philosophy
Helmut Puff: German; History

- Q -

Ellen Quart: Psychology

- R -

 Peter Railton: Philosophy
Jeanne Raisler: Nursing
Suzanne Raitt: English
Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen: ALC
Stuart Rankin: Education
Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy: Chemistry
Sara Rappe: Greek & Latin; Classics
Paul Rasmussen: Chemistry
Hubert Rast: German
Beverly Rathcke: Biology
Stella Raudenbush: Education
Stephen Raudenbush: Educ; Surv Res
Pamela Reid: Psychology; IRWG
Paul Reingold: Law
Susan Reinhart: English Language
Paul Resnick: Information
Lesley Rex: Education
Janet Richards: Near Eastern Studies
Virginia Richardson: Education
Nicholas Rine: Law
Jennifer Robertson: Anthropology
Lynne Robins: Medical Education
Ian Robinson: RC; LIR
Sally Robinson: English
Rosemary Rochford: Epidemiology
Lawrence Root: LIR; Social Work
Margaret Cool Root: History of Art
Terry Root: Biology; SNRE
Guenter Rose: Psychology
Sonya Rose: History; Sociology; WS
Barbara Rosen: University Librarian
Victor Rosenberg: Information
Marc Ross: Physics
Edward Rothman: Statistics
Marilyn Roubidoux: Radiology
Mack Ruffin: Family Medicine
Edward Rutherford: SNRE
Mitchell Rycus: Arch & Urb Planning

- S -

Richard Saavedra: Psychology
Romesh Saigal: Indus & Oper Engin
Carolyn Sampselle: Nursing; WS
Allen Samuels: Art & Design
Mark Sandler: UM Libraries
Mark Saper: Bio Chemistry; Biophys
Edward Sarath: Music
Daniel Saunders: Social Work
Shari Saunders: Multicultural Educ
Darin Savage: Health Sci Librarian
Ann Savageau: Residential College
Timothy Scarnecchia: CAAS; History
Jane Schacter: Law
Kai Schnabel: ISR; Education
Rudolf Schmerl: Educ; Tech Commun
Christoph Schmidt: Biophys; Physics
Klaus Schmidt: Residential College
Anna Schnitzer: Health Sci Librarian
Michael Schoenfeldt: English
Anne Schroth: Law
Albert Schultz: Mechanical Engin
William Schultz: Mechanical Engin
Thomas Schriber: Business
Nathan Schwadron: AOSS
Thomas Schwenk: Family Medicine
Peter Scott, Mathematics
Rebecca Scott: History
Brett Seabury: Social Work
Robert Sellers: Psychology
Anton Shammas: NES; Comp Lit
David Shappirio: Biology
Daniel Sharphorn: Sociology
Donna Shewach: Pharmacology
Jenet Shier: Residential College
George Shirley: Music
Pat Shure: Mathematics
Mark Siddall: Biology
Tobin Siebers: English
Colleen Seifert: Psychology
Kristine Siefert: Social Work; PRMH
Stefanie Siegmund: Hist; JS
Bruno Simma: Law
Ruth Simmons: HBHE
Carl Simon: Math; Econ; Public Policy
Eleanor Singer: Sociology; ISR
Carla Sinopoli: Anthropology
Ronnie Sircar: Mathematics
P A Skantze: English
Julie Skurski: Anthropology
Barbara Sloat: Residential College
Charles Smith: Pharmacology
Gerry Smith: Biology
Karen Smith: Mathematics
Macklin Smith: English
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg: Hist; AS; WS
Joel Smoller: Mathematics
Barbara Smuts: Anthropology; Psych
James Sneyd: Mathematics
Rohini Somanathan: Economics
Martha Somerman: Dentistry
Margaret Somers: Sociology; History
Scott Spector: History; German; CREES
Michael Spencer: Social Work
Toby Stafford: Mathematics
Loretta Staples: Art & Design
Theodore St Antoine: Law
William Stebbins: Psychology
Eric Stein: Law
Ronald Steinberg: Law
George Steinmetz: German; Socio
Margaret Steneck: Inteflex; Education
Robert Stern: Economics
James Steward: Art & Design; Art Hist
Abigail Stewart: IRWG; Psych; WS
Amy Stillman: Musicology
Lars Stixrude: Geology
Christian Stohler: Bio & Material Sci
Ralph Story: Comp Studies
Beverly Strassman: Anthropology
Alan Sugar: Ophthalmology
Mark Sullivan: Music
Elizabeth Sulzby: Education
Stephen Sumida: English
Kathleen Sutcliffe: Business

- T -

Dorceta Taylor: CAAS; SNRE
George Taylor: Dentistry
John Taylor: Aerospace Engineering
Karla Taylor: English
Toby Teorey: EECS
Rei Terada: English
Sylvia Tesh: Health Behavior & Educ
David Thomas: English
Jane Thomas: Writing, Business Commun
Thelma Thomas: History of Art
Frank Thompson: Economics; RC
Levi Thompson: Chemical Engin
Richard Tillinghast: English
Theresa Tinkle: English
Mildred Tirado: Assoc Dean of Stus.; Psych
Richard Tolman: Social Work
Hitomi Tonomura: Hist; Japan Studies
Lourdes Torres: Residential College
Arpad Toth: Mathematics
Valerie Traub: Grad Studies; Eng; WS
Mike Traugott: Commun; Poli Studies
Thomas Trautmann: History
Pamela Trotman Ford: Psych; IRWG
Michele Tugade: Social Psychology
Louis Tze-Ching Yen: Kinesiology

- U -

Galip Ulsoy: Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics
Alejandro Uribe: Mathematics

- V -

Phyllis Valentine: UM Libraries
Marshall van Alstyne: Information
John Vandermeer: Biology
Klaas Van 'T Veld: Economics

Katherine Verdery: Anthropology
Joseph Veroff: Psychology
Yannick Viers: Romance Languages

Johannes von Moltke: German; Film & Video

- W -

Teshome Wagaw: CAAS; Education
Alan Wald: English
Deborah Walker: Nursing
David Wallace: Information
John Wallace Jr: Social Work
Patricia Waller: Res VP; Psych; Psychiatry; HMP
- Why I Support AA
Joseph Walls: Business
Martin Walsh: Theater; Res College
Lynn Walter: Geology
Susan Walton: Residential College
Angela Wandera: Dentistry
Kevin Wang: Pharmacology
Ken Warner: Health Mngmt & Policy
Nancy Warren: English
Peter Washabaugh: Aerospace Engin
Albert Wat: Psychology
Barbara Weathers: Chemistry
Paul Webb: Biology; SNRE
Kelly Webster: Tech Servs Librarian
Myron Wegman: Public Health
Helen Weingarten: Social Work
Carol Weisman: Health Mngmt & Policy
Thomas Weisskopf: Economics; RC - Statement on AA
Earl Werner: Biology
Linda Whang: Library Administration
Warren Whatley: CAAS; Economics
Denis White: Mathematics
James White: Law
John Whittier-Ferguson: English
Sven Widmalm: Dentistry
Jennifer Widner: Political Science
Michael Wiley: SNRE
Thomas Willette: Residential College
David Williams: Sociology
Mark Wilson: Biology; Epidemiology
Robin Wilson: Dance
Susan Wilson: Student Activities
Judith Wismount: Nursing
Elizabeth Wingrove: Political Science
David Winter: Psychology
Karen Wixson: Acad Affs VP Ofc; Educ
Janet Wolfe: Economics
Robert Wolfe: Biostatistics
Thomas Wolfe: History
Milford Wolpoff: Anthropology
James Woods: Pharmacology; Psych
David Wooten: Business
Melissa Worden: Law
Susan Wright: Residential College
Alfred Wu: Physics

- X -

- Y -

Oscar Ybarra: Psychology
Carina Yervasi: Romance Languages

SeonAe Yeo: Nursing
Mieko Yoshihama: Social Work
Alford Young Jr: CAAS; Sociology
Ernest Young: History

Howard Young: Mathematics

- Z -

Youxue Zhang: Geology
Robert Ziff: Chemical Engineering
Enid Zimmerman: Comp Studies
Frances Zorn: Comp Studies; RC
Robert Zucker: Psychiatry

Rebecca Zurier: History of Art