How to link to AGENDA pages:

To link to the main AGENDA site, use:

To link to an individual article,
say, one that began on page 8 of the April 1999 issue, use:

The domain name points to the following site:
Note the hyphen rather than the dot after "www".

Articles are stored in subfolders by year and month of publication, as in:
for July/August (07) 1999 (99).

(Yes, I know that by using only two digits for the date
I am risking disaster and major expense in 2099.)

So you can link to the entire issue of, say, May/June 1999 with:

Individual files are named by two-digit page number (01,02,...,10,11,...)
according to the page on which the article starts in the print publication.
Page numbers are listed on the "Browse by Date" pages
(though not on the "Browse by Subject" or "Browse by Author" pages).

The files also have a ".pdf" extension, signifying that they are Adobe Acrobat files.

Lower case is always used.

Credit and notification (so that we may trade links) is always appreciated.

Viewing the files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you may wish to know ...

How to link to the Adobe Acrobat Reader:

One easy way is to mention that our site has links to the Reader.

Another is to use
Perhaps attached to the following image
(which you may copy with a "Save Picture" command):
      getacro.gif (712 bytes)

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