December 1998

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12   Protesting the School of Assassins - Again
         by Mark Mattison
14   l.gif (130 bytes)Recipe for a Beginning S.O.A. Activist
(250K  file)
         by Lisa Murray
15 (w/ 14)   Terrorism in the Mirror
(250K  file)
         by Thom Saffold


4   l.gif (130 bytes)The Living Wage Comes
      to Washtenaw County
         by David Reynolds
6   Noam Chomsky on Media, Politics, Action
(100K  file)
         by Aaron Stark
8   Noam Chomsky on Language
         by Aaron Stark
9   Know Your Rights!  All 30 of them!
         by the United Nations
10   Warning: Evil Empire Ascending
      (Barnes & Noble)
        by Common Language Bookstore
      The FBI's Contiuing War Against Activism
         by Ann Arbor RAIL
         (Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist League)


14   Close the School of the Americas! (250K  file)
compiled by Eric Lormand

Photos by Phyllis Ponvert and Agenda.
They depict the November ''98 demonstration by 7,000 people at Ft. Benning in Columbus, GA, including over 100 Ann Arbor area locals, and civil disobedience by over 2300 people. Apparently the largest demonstration at a military base since the Vietnam War.
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21   Disney's Dirty Laundry
         by Robert Krzewinski
21   l.gif (130 bytes) ROSE KNOWS - about The Spirit of Giving
         by Rose Martin
21   l.gif (130 bytes)Area Service Organizations
         compiled by Patricia Townsend
11   Gay Power confronts Gary Bauer
         by Thom Saffold
11   How to Celebrate Christmas
         by Thom Saffold


11   CARTOON - Octopism
         by Ken Larson
21   CARTOON - Color Teevees
         by Tom Tomorrow
27   CARTOON - The American People
         by Tom Tomorrow
10   BOOKS - Bechdel's Split-level Dykes
      to Watch Out For & The Indelible Alison Bechdel
         by Pattrice Jones
10   BOOKS - Wolfe's A Man in Full
         by Tyler Patterson
18   GLOBAL MUSIC - Hank Williams, Nina Simone
         by William Shea
19   l.gif (130 bytes)LOCAL MUSIC - Al Hill,
      The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love
         by Brian Lillie
20   l.gif (130 bytes) FOOD - Chicken Soup for the Body:
      A Flu-Season Sampler
         by Stef
5   l.gif (130 bytes)ARWULF - Ode to an Alley
         by arwulf arwulf


13   The Poor Still Suffer (140K  file)
by Mumia Abu-Jamal
16 (w/ 13)   The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal
(140K  file)
by Micah Holmquist
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