APR 2002

The ever-widening circle of those interested in helping with the (nearly launched)


will be meeting April 6, 2002, 5-7pm

Lake St. Clair Room, in the Bovee University Center (on Preston Street)

Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant Michigan

Please join media activists from around the state for the second organizing meeting of the forthcoming Michigan Independent Media Center. This is an opportunity to share ideas about how this web-based media center will operate and cover important stories.

So far, the group that assembled at the first meeting (March 22, Ann Arbor) of the Michigan IMC included individuals from Ann Arbor, Detroit, East Lansing and Traverse City. We hope that the geographical representation will expand for this second meeting. People with interest or experience in print media, web, video, radio, community television, photo, or anything else that will help us create a vibrant and viable independent media culture in Michigan are welcome. Even if you have never done anything like this before, but want to help, please consider coming to this meeting.

We have chosen Mt. Pleasant for this second meeting because it is in the center of the state, and we hope this will be more proximate for more people. It is also close to Stanwood, MI (Mecosta County) where people will be protesting the Ice Mountain/Perrier Bottling Plant, beginning at noon on the same day.

Please join us in our efforts to stop foreign owned Perrier Corp. from selling off Michigan's water, then come to the media meeting to make sure our stories get out. Those who want to transmit stories that night will have access to computers and tec support on site at CMU.Pass the word.

To contribute agenda items, contact Holly at hwren@hotmail.com by Friday April 5.

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