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COVER IMAGE: from warmongering 2002 official Oscar show poster.

APR 2002 Contents
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C o v e r   S t o r y

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
Books by Phillis Engelbert,
        plus excerpts on key movies:
                Rules of Engagement
                True Lies
                Navy SEALs

Black Hawk Down:
Somali and US perspectives on the "Day of the Rangers"
by Gail Presbey

NonHollywood Directors
Movies by Jim Pyke

S p e c i a l   F e a t ur e s

Moving Solidarity to Palestine
by Thom Saffold

Japanese-American Internment, 60 Years On
by Yuzuru Takeshita

l.gif (130 bytes)Michigan Indymedia Meeting

P e o p l e ’ s   V o i c e

l.gif (130 bytes)on Washington Marches, Great Lakes Water, etc.
by People’s Progressive Network

C u l t u r e

The Inner Ear
        by John R. Velner

Music (Arie, Wainwright, Sexton)
        by Bill Shea

l.gif (130 bytes)Barbeque Blues
Local Flavor by Stef

l.gif (130 bytes)Letter from a Dog Named Calvin
by arwulf arwulf

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