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COVER IMAGE: Based on the "Where’s Waldo" books by Martin Handford, of course.

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Hints about Where's W and O?


Dozens more things for W-and-O-watchers to watch out for!

Agenda contents
(l.gif (130 bytes) = Primarily Local Interest)

[ ] United Fruit Company, with Big Apple lobbyists to get US military muscle, beating up on banana republics such as Guatemala ("Still Searching", Jennifer Harbury interviewed by Patricia Townsend)

[ ] A toweringly shallow prince ("Shallow Hal", Movies by Jim Pyke)

[ ] A bearded gynocidal king, and some bearded drunken monks who can’t make very good copies ("The Book of Lot", by arwulf)

[ ] Parsley, Bearded Sage, Rosemary & Thyme ("Download Crackdown", Music by Bill Shea)

[ ] The bearded most recent president to call for gov’t by the people and mean it ("Nicaraguan Elections, American Style", by Phyllis Ponvert)

[ ] Carriers of a plague ("The Plague", Books by Phillis Englebert)

[ ] Out with the bearded old, in with the unbearded new (l.gif (130 bytes)"The Spectre of Change", Local Flavor by Stef)

[ ] Just about anything that makes you laugh or groan ("Inner Ear", by John Velner)

In the "People’s Voice"
(With this new monthly feature, Agenda celebrates the upcoming first birthday of this great newsletter from the locally-based People’s Progressive Network)

[ ] Bearded chemist dispensing love potion to lad; precursor of "corporations with global reach" such as Pfizer (l.gif (130 bytes)"Pfizer’s Pfunny ‘Pfacts’", by Jim Mogensen)

[ ] Bearded conquistadors starting the SOA’s ongoing process of abusing Native "Americans" in "Latin" America ("Protest at Fort Benning", by Jim Kalafus)

[ ] An unbearded peacemaker and some bearded and unbearded love-not-war-makers (l.gif (130 bytes)"What The City Can Do For the Country" by bearded Alan Haber)

Terrorism matters

[ ] A clueless bearded giant (who probably thinks he was attacked because of his domestic freedoms)

[ ] Egregious beard-profiling by airport security

[ ] Terrorism in the form of prolonged detention of bearded men without due process (think John Ashcroft)

[ ] Terrorism in the form of the death penalty for bearded convict

[ ] Bearded and unbearded Americans pigging out in "thanks" for our bombs which continue to starve Afghans (and Iraqis)

[ ] A symbol of corporate war-profiteering

[ ] A pipeline to a gas tank (think Unocal and Clinton’s footsie with the Taliban in hopes of getting a secure pipeline through Afghanistan, rekindled by fomer oil execs Bush, Cheney, and Rice)

[ ] Terrorism in the form of military occupation and settlements

[ ] Freedom fighting in the form of unbearded rock throwers

[ ] Sea-faring bearded terrorists

[ ] A bearded crusading terrorist

[ ] Direction-challenged special operatives

[ ] A prehistoric public-school art lesson for the whole family (so not a good place to find faith-based terrorists)

Further hairy and tangled matters

[ ] A bearded lady?

[ ] A bomb in a bull’s no man (complete with all-over body-beard)

[ ] The bearded patron-saint of consumers

[ ] The bearded Agenda editor

[ ] A bearded member of the American public dozing through all this

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