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COVER IMAGES: Albright photo & text from Parade magazine, 6/17/01;
Cart from ubiquitous A2 stencilled graffiti.

SEP 2001 Contents
(l.gif (130 bytes) = Primarily Local Interest)

C o v e r   S t o r i e s

l.gif (130 bytes)A2 Dating Game
by Eric Lormand

F o c u s   o n   P a l e s t i n e

Intíl Solidarity Movement to Free Palestine
          What is the ISM?
           by Thom Saffold, Ann Arbor, MI
Journey to a Forbidden Land (part 1)
        by Naomi Calick, Fort Collins, CO
Black and Blue at the Orient House
        by Charles Lenchner
            My Arrest and Detention by Israeli Police
        by Andrew Clarno, U of Michigan Sociology Grad Student
          Journey to a Forbidden Land (part 2)
        by Naomi Calick, Fort Collins, CO

l.gif (130 bytes)Smothered Voices in the Ann Arbor News
by Thom Saffold with Eric Lormand

C u l t u r e

The Inner Ear
        by John Velner

Joe's Crab Shack: Bottled Bemusement for íBurbs
        Local Flavor by Stef

Math Literacy and Civil Rights
        Books by Phillis Engelbert

Elvis & Doo Wop
Music by William Shea

Ghosts of Mars
Movies by Jim Pyke

l.gif (130 bytes)the way things are: a song for native ways gallery
        by arwulf arwulf

Knight-Ridder Site on Chocolate Slavery


l.gif (130 bytes)A2 Cart Race (109 Kb .pdf)
by Cecelia Ober

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