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COVER IMAGE: from poster for Zapatista Caravan to Mexico City, Feb 2001, ezln.org

JUL/AUG 2001 Contents
(l.gif (130 bytes) = Primarily Local Interest)

C o v e r   S t o r i e s

Jungle Stories

        as told by Zapatista Subcommandante Insurgente Marcos

Zapatista Timeline
by Tom Hansen et al., annotated by Marcos

l.gif (130 bytes)A Political Prisoner of Our Own
a.k.a. SOA triple-crosser Rebecca Kanner

Are We At War In Colombia?
by Rich Stahler-Sholk

S p e c i a l   F e a t u r e

Women in Prison
by Phillis Engelbert

C u l t u r e

The Inner Ear
          by John R. Velner

Chilled Gazpacho: Summertime Seduction
Local Flavor by Stef

Love & Sex: A Threesome
Global Music by William Shea

Shirley & Bojangles
by arwulf arwulf

Signed Elements Individual Authors
Unsigned Elements Agenda Publications, LLC