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COVER IMAGE: Untitled, 1990 by Robert Gober (The Sciences, Mar 1993)

APR 2001 Contents
(l.gif (130 bytes) = Primarily Local Interest)

C o v e r   S t o r i e s

How To Fight Like A Grrrl
by Thom Saffold

l.gif (130 bytes)Men On The March

l.gif (130 bytes)Women Cease To Exist, Men Take Back the Night
by Cecelia Ober

l.gif (130 bytes)Censorware Does Not Compute!
by Henry Edward Hardy

l.gif (130 bytes)My Date With the Censor
by Luis Vasquez

l.gif (130 bytes)I Want My CTN!
by Cindy Pletz

S p e c i a l   F e a t u r e s

l.gif (130 bytes)All Aboard So All Afford
by Ben Biber

Zine-within-a-Zine ed. by Joe Sexauer  (124 Kb .pdf)

l.gif (130 bytes)Top 15 Agenda Birthday Gifts

C u l t u r e

The Inner Ear
        by John R. Velner

Alt-Country; Salsa Trombone
Global Music by William Shea

l.gif (130 bytes)Watching the Dogs Go Round
Local Flavor by Stef

l.gif (130 bytes)The Majesty of Stickball
by arwulf arwulf

Signed Elements Individual Authors
Unsigned Elements Agenda Publications, LLC