Lauro Ojeda

Assistant Research Scientist

The University of Michigan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

I am currently collaboration with the following research groups:

The Barton Research Group

The Human Biomechanics and Control Lab

The S. M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center

My main research is in the field of localization, inertial sensors and sensor fusion; with focus on robotics and biomechanics applications. Since 2003 I have been working on solving the problem of indoor personal localization.

A list of my publications can be found here.

In my spare time I enjoy playing with robots made with LEGO parts. I maintain a website where I describe how to do this.

Contact Information

Lauro Ojeda

1020 Lay Automotive Lab
1231 Beal Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125

Ph: (734) 647 1803