Physics 460
Quantum Mechanics II

Luming Duan

 Winter 2017

Welcome to the course homepage of the physics 460! This is the second-semester undergraduate quantum mechanics.

Course Description

This course will focus on the explanation of concepts and methods of quantum mechanics and their applications. The course will cover the following topics: review of formalisim of quantum mechanics, finite-dimensional quantum dynamics and its applications, perturbation theory and its applications, atomic and molecular structure, variational method and its applications, the WKB approximation and the adiabatic theorem, scattering theory.

Class meetings

 Time: Tuesday, Thursday, 11:30AM -1:00PM
 Location: 335WH (West Hall)


Luming Duan
4219 Randall Hall
Telephone: (734) 763-3179
Course website:

Office hours: I am in office most of the time, you may just stop by, or you can send an email for an appointment.

Teaching assistant (Grader): Zhengyu Zhang (Randalll 4218) 

Course Requirements

There will be regularly assigned problem sets. Your letter grade will be based on two exams (Midterm 25%; Final: 35%,), homework (30%), and class participation (10%).


The basic mathematical prerequisites are linear algebra and calculus. I also assume that you have taken quantum mechanics I (physics 453 or equivalent).

Books and References



  • David J. Griffiths

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.



  • J.J. Sakurai, Modern Quantum Mechanics (1982)
  • C. Cohen-Tannoudji, B. Diu, and F. Laloe, Quantum Mechanics (1997)
  • S. Gasiorowicz, Quantum mechanics
  • E. Merzbacher, Quantum Mechanics (1998)

Further Readings


  • P.A.M. Dirac, The Principles of Quantum Mechanics 
  • R. P. Feynman, the Feynman lectures on physics III
  • M. Born, Atomic physics
  • L. Landau and E. Lifshitz, Quantum Mechanics: Nonrelativistic Theory
  • J. Preskill, Lecture Notes on quantum inforamtion and computation (the first four chapters, which are general quantum mechanics), see

Course Outline