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Welcome to Lemur House, home of the fabled Huskie Bear!

Hello! I am D. Huskie Bear, fabled the world over (well, at least in Ann Arbor, Chicago and parts of Cleveland) as the most expressive piece of polyester in the universe. This page is maintained by my mom, Leslie Larkins. I have a twin brother who lives with his dad, Tom Smith. You should go visit him. He's silly.



My Mom is always working on this page, but here are some of the things you can do here for now:
The obligatory links page - make of them what you will.

Green Stamps, the Starsky & Hutch Page, (yes, some days I do have too much time on my hands!),

Some Babylon 5 silliness: the "Everything I need to know I learned from B5" page and the "Don't ask him, he doesn't know" page.

And a Walt Disney World Trip Report - just one for now, but watch for another after next May (yay!)

A temporary home for Winter Fest pictures of my girls:
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