Here are some links I've collected to various computer-related sites:

Developers' Resources:

* The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Copies of...

* the HTML primer

* the HTML quick reference guide

Search Engines

* The Tradewave (formerly EInet Information) Galaxy search page

* CUI's Jumpstation for W3 search-engines.

This is a very complete listing / starting point for search-engines on the web. It's more complete than any list I could have put together. EInet's page is included here. I gave it a separate entry because I like it a lot.

* Dogpile!

Dogpile will query several search engines for you. Very useful!

* Yahoo - A Guide to WWW.

Hmmm... how to describe this... it looks kinda like a phonebook sorta thing which is why I'm classifying it with search engines. My links get more and more arbitrary with each passing moment.

Resources here at the University of Michigan

most of these are produced or made available by various units in the Information and Technology Division (ITD)

* The University homepage

* The Campus Computing Sites (CCS) homepage

* ITD Contract Services homepage

Go here. I work for these people.

* The Organization-wide ITD homepage.

* Online and searchable ITD documentation.

Although, it's not our front end, they are our archives.

I did a token pruning on: Friday, 23-Sep-2005 13:58:20 EDT.

Amazingly, most of the links were still good. contact me