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Handout #01
Basics: General description of course goals, grading, etc. {distributed 1/8/98}
Handout #02
Syllabus: Complete course syllabus with list of assigned readings listed by date, etc. {distributed 1/8/98}
Handout #03
Ethics: The ethics of learning, with detailed discussion of the nature of plagiarism, and suggesting for improving writing style. {distributed 1/8/98}
Handout #04
Lectures 01 & 02: Lecture notes covering Introduction, and discussion of the nature of religion. {distributed 1/13/98}
Handout #05
Correction Code: Code of marks used in correcting written exercises, with suggestions on sytle and written expression. {distributed 1/13/98}
Handout #06
Lecture 03: What do we mean by “Psychology of Religion”? {distributed 1/15/98}
Handout #07
Course Assignments: Detailed explanation of course assignments. {distributed 1/20/98}
Handout #08
Lecture 04: Psychology and deviance in the context of religion. {distributed 1/20/98}
Handout #09
Lecture 05: Psychology and health in the context of religion. {distributed 1/22/98}
Handout #10
Lecture 06: Explaining Religious Lives: 00000. {distributed 1/27/98}


Bibliography: General extended bibliography of books and articles on psychology and reliigion. {not distributed in class}
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