Child-Neuro E-Mail List For Child Neurologists: Images From Cases Described On List

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If you want a set of images displayed, let Steve Leber know. If your email system can send an enclosure, you can send the images and he'll add them to the site. It would be best to make sure the images are in place before sending out the message to the Child-Neuro list.  Once in place, he'll let you know and you can send the message out to the list with the URL for this page (   All images must be anonymous; please be sure to delete the patient's name before sending.   JPEG images are the best.  If you want individual or groups of images labeled (e.g, date, imaging sequence), please specify.  Also provide a summary such as those below. 

Short videos and audio segments can also be posted.  If the patient's face or other identifying information is included, written consent from the parents is required and must be mentioned in your e-mail posting.

Send the images to:
Steve Leber "Leber at" (substitute "@" for " at ").

Images from cases described in the Child-Neuro e-mailings will be stored at this site.


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For questions or comments, contact
Steven Leber, M.D., Ph.D. "Leber at"
Kenneth Mack, M.D., Ph.D. "mack.kenneth at"

Last updated 06 August 2010.