European Metabolic Diseases
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Two multilingual lists of interest for pediatric neurologists have been organized:

Metabolism (discussions about metabolic disorders) and
Euprof-pedneur (discussions in pediatric neurology)

Languages: English, French and other languages used in the European Union. These two lists have been created to help to solve specific problems existing in Europe (language diversity and professional matters concerning the practice in Europe). Of course, the need to take care of specific European problems is not at all in contradiction with our enthusiasm and gratitude for the worldwide dialogues Child-Neuro and at Metab-L, and we hope that the majority of European pediatric neurologists will continue also to apply to these lists.

Even if the multilingual lists are primarily organized for European colleagues, any physician trained or in training in pediatric neurology and/or in metabolic diseases can apply, even if he or she does not practice in Europe. To apply:

For Metabolism, send the message (without a subject):

subscribe metabolism


In addition, it is necessary that you send in a separate message a short
summary of your positions and training (a few sentences is enough) and your full
postal address, telephone and fax numbers to the coordinator of the list:
Helene OGIER, Paris, France, e-mail:

We accept only professionals on these lists. Do not apply if you are not a
physician. Other lists are available for non-professionals.

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For questions or comments, contact
Steven Leber, M.D., Ph.D. or
Kenneth Mack, M.D., Ph.D.

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