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The mail list CHILD-NEURO@LYRIS.DUNDEE.NET is an international discussion group which deals with clinical and research topics in Child Neurology. Topics of discussion have included diagnostic and management issues, sources of diagnostic studies and hard-to-come-by medications, and requests for subjects for research studies and patients for case reports. The list is restricted to pediatric neurologists, pediatricians, adult neurologists, and neurosurgeons. Parents of children with neurological problems may wish to visit The Library of The Family Village for a listing of parent and patient oriented Internet resources.

The list had been run out of server provided by the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin, then by the University of Michigan, and now by Dundee Internet Services, with the generous financial support of the Child Neurology Society.  The software running the list is Lyris.

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Subscription information

To subscribe to the CHILD-NEURO mailing list, send a request to either

"leber at"
"mack.kenneth at"

(We're trying to avoid SPAM by not listing our full e-mail addresses.  Substitute the "@" sign for the "at" 's.)

With your request, please supply the following information:
1. Name and degree(s)
2. Email address
3. Mailing address
4. Phone number
5. Fax number
6. Primary specialty (pediatric neurology, adult neurology, pediatrics,
neuroscience, etc.)
7. Subspecialty if any (e.g., epilepsy, behavioral neurology, etc.)
8. Practice setting (private, academic center, etc.)
9. Child Neurology Society member?
10. Computer system (Mac, DOS, Windows, other)

(Please answer in this order so it will easier to enter into a database.)

*(Do not send this information to unless you want to burden hundreds of subscribers with it!)*

This information will allow us to get a better sense of who is using the network and to plan for the future in a more informed way. Data about individuals will not be shared with anyone outside the list; access to the database from the Child-Neuro Homepage is password-protected.

Sending messages

To send mail to everyone on the CHILD-NEURO mailing list, send
your message to CHILD-NEURO@LYRIS.DUNDEE.NET from the same
address which you used to subscribe to CHILD-NEURO.

If a message is ever rejected, or you have problems, please
contact "mack.kenneth at" or "leber at".

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for some common problems and their solutions.

Setting Digest or Mime-Digest formats

Mail can be received in several forms. We ask subscribers not to use the regular "mail" setting (individual settings); we pay by the outgoing message and this adds up over the >1200 users.

Please see "Comparing the digest and mime-digest formats" to help you decide which is better for you.

The digest format will compile all of the days messages and send these messages to you in a SINGLE posting (this will reduce the number of messages you receive, but will NOT change the content). To change your subscription to a digest format, send a message to:


In either the subject line or body of the text write:

Set Child-Neuro Digest


Set Child-Neuro mimedigest

(You can "Set Child-Neuro Nomail" to stop your mail when you're gone and then "Set Child-Neuro Mail" to resume it when you return.)

Alternatively, go to the and, under My Account, go to the Essentials tab and change your settings.


Visit the page
Click "Messages."

The messages are listed from most recent to oldest, with threads (messages regarding the same topic) indicated by arrows and indentations.
Searches of the archives can be done by entering keyword and specifying whether you are looking for "any" or "all" of the words you entered ("or" or "and") and whether you want to search the entire message, body, or header of the message.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to search by date of posting.   Also, all of the messages from Waisman have been imported but given the date of importation rather than their original posting date.


To unsubscribe to the CHILD-NEURO mailing list, send a message to


Use the following one line command in the subject line or as the first line of the message
Unsubscribe Child-Neuro


For questions or comments, contact
Steven Leber, M.D., Ph.D., "leber at"or
Kenneth Mack, M.D., Ph.D., "mack.kenneth at"

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