Academy and Societal WWW Sites-Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology is aggressively expanding its Web site. Plans include having searchable text documents on the site, patient information, useful cross -listing of other sites, as well as Academy information.

The Child Neurology Society and The International Child Neurology Association have each recently formed new Web sites that contains information about meetings, fellowship and job opportunities, and a variety of CNS business affairs, and more information rapidly is being added. The CNS office can be contacted by e-mail at

Prior to the completion of the CNS Web site, a "Child-Neuro" Web site was organized in an attempt to consolidate useful Internet information of interest to child neurologists and parents of children with neurological diseases. This site contains useful supplemental information for child neurologists.

Try your hand at browsing through the American Academy of Neurology Web Site. Register, and/or find the latest copy of AAN News. Look under Neurological Conditions, and see if you can find information about Batten's Disease or Alheimer's.