E-Mail Lists In Neurology

In an e-mail list, a member sends his message to a central computer, and then that computer distributes the message to everyone on the e-mail list. Often, daily messages can be consolidated into a digest f ormat, so that the total amount of all mail received is limited to one piece of mail per day. An e-mail list is an example of "push" technology, where many of the participants can take a more passive role in acquiring information, and the information is pushed towards them. For Child Neurology, e-mail has become a way to interact with busy, or geographically dispersed, child neurologists in a facile manner. Currently, its most organized form is the Child-Neuro e-mail list. The Child-Neuro e-mail list has ov er 900 subscribers in 53 countries. This has been supported in part by the Child Neurology Society and has shown steady growth through the last several years. Subscriptions to the list can be obtained by sending an email to Mack@waisman.wisc.edu or Leber@umich.edu.