Potential Homework

Project #1: Bookmark your own top Website list

On your home computer, bookmark the 5 Websites that are most helpful to you. The bookmarks on my personal computer include the American Academy of Neurology, Child-Neuro, OMIN, PubMed, and The Family Village. However there are many useful sites. What you choose will depend upon you personal interests. Be cautious about adding too many bookmarks, though. Its easy to quickly accumulate an unwieldy amount of bookmarks.

Project #2: Download a program of interest

Try to find a program or file of interest to you, and then download it to your personal computer using the Web. BE SURE TO CHECK FOR A VIRUS!! Like many activities we perform with computers, the first time is the hardest. Often the most difficult part is finding the downloaded file. On a Mac, the downloaded files are often in your System folder. Sites such as http://pilot.msu.edu/user/heinric6/soft.htm can help you find a program or file of interest.