What are the problems?


Let the buyer beware! Recently in a NEJM editorial, concern was expressed that any "preprint" posted on the Internet (like those in the physics community) is "incomplete until it undergoes peer review". Certainly anyone can post almost any item of information on the Internet, and currently there are no safeguards to ensure that information is accurate. Certainl y, some Web sites, like that for the journal Science, or for the American Academy of Neurology, that have high credibility since the postings have gone through some form of review. However, how can we control the quality of a Web site on "autism" or "headaches," or can we even be sure that a site is reputable because it is associated with a university department or patient organization? Certainly, like any journal article that we read, we must be critical and take into account the source for that article or information. As time goes on, a few sites may distinguish themselves for their useability and accuracy in our field.