Journal Sites

Several journals have recently gone on-line. This includes:

Although some of the Web sites include full articles and text, most present tables of contents and abstracts. Access to journals may change as many of these sites add password restriction, limiting access to those with paid subscriptions. The advantage of on-line journals is the ability to publish quickly and cheaply. Other potential advantages include search capabilities, forums for discussions of the articles, links to related articles, and the ability to include supplemental resources and data too extensive to include in a print format. Furthermore, audio and video components can be included in publications without difficulty, which should be of tremendous utility to neurologists discussing language or movement disorders, for example. Links to other neurology related journal s can be found at the Child-Neuro site, or at Highwire Press, a Stanford University Site that is devoted to identifying on-line Biomedical journals.

Pick one of the above journals and browse thru its current issue. Feel free to download a copy of an interesting article.