Biology 415   Winter Term, 2001
Guidelines for the 2nd paper

Due Mon., Apr. 16, 2001 (last lecture)

20 points

Objective: To learn to answer your questions about plant constituents using the big digital databases and to evaluate those answers.

Any aspect of plant constituents which especially interests you, but it should not be too broad. It should expand on (probe in depth) some relevant aspect including evaluation of the key evidence.

The topic should not be the same as that used for the 1st report in Bio 415 or for the reports in any other course.

Much of the advice (guidelines) given for the 1st report also applies to this paper, e.g., state the general issue(s) and the key points of the article selected at the beginning of your paper.

Orientation/coverage in this paper:
Within this topic, select one issue that seems particularly important and identify one journal article that supports this idea. Evaluate the evidence for this idea. This should include some discussion of the Methods Section in this article, e.g., select one key method and describe that method and what information it gave the investigator(s) on the selected issue. Does it support the idea well?

Attach a copy of the the journal article used.

Size limit 5 pages of double-spaced, size 12 font, but try to make your points within 3 pages.

General advice: When in doubt, ask.

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