Biology 201   Winter Term, 2001
Honors. Introduction to Research in the Life Sciences

Tuesdays 3:10- 5:00 PM               Room 1029 Natural Sci. Bldg.                 1 Credit

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Professor Larry D. Noodén
2014A Natural Science Building
Office hours: 1:10-4:00, Thursdays (or by special arrangement)
Phone  764-4436

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Goals of Course
Course Format
Class Schedule

Goals of Course - This course will introduce students to a variety of research opportunities in the biological sciences that are available at the University of Michigan and to understand different approaches to the study of life. We would like students to understand research as a questioning and problem-solving process, an extension from the classroom to the "real world."

The course is also designed to help students identify potential mentors for honors research during the junior and senior years as well as to show them the different kinds of studies/approaches that they might undertake.

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Prerequisites - - Biology 162 or equivalent is a prerequisite. Although a grade of B+ or better in one of these courses is required, students who have a special interest in research and an otherwise very good academic record will be admitted by permission of the instructor if space permits. Membership in the LS&A Freshman-Sophomore honors program is not required. This course is particularly appropriate for Biology (and related programs) students who hope to join the junior/senior honors program of the Biology Department.

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Class Format - For the first 11 weeks, we will have a series of speakers. About 2/3 will be from the Department of Biology, while the rest will be from the Medical School and other UM Schools. For these classes, the format will be as follows:

First hour- presentation by the visiting scientist.
Second hour- discussion of an article relating to the first hour presentation.

For the last three or four classes, we will have short student oral presentations. The class may be split into smaller groups for the oral presentations.

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Grading - Grading will be based on the following:

 Class attendance and participation in discussions  40%

 Short papers    40%  Oral presentation   20%