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Together with my research group, NetSI, I study the structure and dynamics of social and information networks. Here's information on a few of the projects, somewhat arbitrarily grouped.


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Knowledge sharing networks (e.g. Q&A sites)

While static web resources are adequate for answering certain types of questions, they fail in others becuse they cannot match the variety of problems individuals encounter, nor can they provide a social dimension. Instead of using search engines, millions of users flock to online question answering (Q&A) sites: some to ask questions, others to answer them, and still others just have a good chat. In this vein of research, my collaborators and I are interested in the following problems:

While at HP Labs, I worked, with Eytan Adar, on the PeopleFinder2 project, to mine intranet and extranet documents to automatically extract the HP collaboration network and individuals' expertise based on the content of documents that contained their names.

Information diffusion in networks (e.g. viral marketing)

How much of a role do social networks play in the information that we are exposed to? In particular, how does Web 2.0 both enable social influence and allow us to measure it?

Structural features of online social networks

The political blogosphere and the 2004 US election: divided they blog, Adamic, Lada A., and Glance N. , Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Link discovery, p.36-43, (2005)  

Information flow in financial networks