SI 503 Winter 2007: Search and Retrieval


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Winter 2007:




USB 1230

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Tues. 3-4pm
3082 West Hall

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503 is a an SI foundations course originally designed by George Furnas and co-taught by Suresh Bhavnani, Dragomir Radev, and myself over the years. Winter 2007 is the last semester it is offered, as it is being replaced by a new set of foundations courses.

503 looks at search and retrieval in information systems as a continuous process, ranging from concepts and procedures integral to human-mediated search to the data structures and algorithms necessary to automate the search and retrieval process. The course is divided into three parts: What a searcher must know about an information retrieval system, data structures, and algorithms, and basic automatic techniques for search and retrieval.

Most of the course materials are on cTools, but I've copied (a not necessarily up-to-date) syllabus here, and be sure to check out the spam challenge.