SI 708/CSCS 608 Networks: Theory and Applications



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Fall 2007:

4-5:30pm in WH311

10:30am-12:00pm in West Hall 317A (complex systems commons)

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SI708/CSCS608 will cover topics in network analysis, from social networks to applications in information networks such as the internet. We will introduce basic concepts in network theory, discuss metrics and analytical models, complemented by use of software analysis tools (Pajek, Guess, NetLogo) to experiment with real-world network data and agent based models. Specific topics include: small world phenomena, random graphs, centrality, homophily, growth models, evolution, community structure, epidemic modeling, information diffusion, resilience/robustness, search, and game theory. For their final project, the students will apply the concepts learned in class to networks of interest to them.

This class will have one joint lecture/week with SI508. Check out the joint SI508/SI708 site for the syllabus, assignments and other info.