SI 708/CSCS 608 Networks: Theory and Applications



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Fall 2007:

4-5:30pm in WH311

10:30am-12:00pm in West Hall 317A (complex systems commons)

Office hour:



Assignments and grading :

  • 9 problem sets (40%) ( lowest score will be dropped)
  • midterm (20%)
  • final project (40%)

Problem sets are typically due Thursdays before class (10:30am) and must be submitted electronically via cTools or on paper. If submitting electornically (preferred, you can scan in hand written/drawn assignments and have them emailed to you), all code, plots, etc. must be included in a single PDF file.

Late policy: Assignments may be submitted up to 2 days after they are due (e.g. Saturday at midnight if the assignment was due on Thursday) and suffer a 10% penalty. No late assignments will be accepted past this point unless an extension was requested and granted ahead of time.

Problem sets

PS 1  
PS 2  
PS 3  
project proposal  
PS 4  
PS 5  
PS 6  
mid-project report  
PS 7  
PS 8  
PS 9
final project