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Lada Adamic


Fall 2008:

Mondays 4-5:30 pm
Joint lecture for SI 508, SI 708, CS 608 in WH 311 4-5:30

Wednesdays 4-5:30pm
SI 508 only: meet in the DIAD lab.

Thursdays 10:30-12:00 SI 708 and CS 608 only: meet in WH 317A (complex systems lounge) for a discussion session

Office hours:
Mondays 2-3pm
Mondays, Weds. 5:40-6:10pm

Software tools


The following are free software tools that we will be using in the class:

network analysis and visualization,
menu driven, suitable for large networks

platforms: Windows (on linux via Wine)


agent based modeling
recently added network modeling capabilities

platforms: any (Java)



network analysis and visualization,
extensible, script-driven (jython)

platforms: any (Java)


Other software tools that we will not be using but that you may find useful:

visualization and analysis:

UCInet - user friendly social network visualization and analysis software (suitable smaller networks)
iGraph - if you are familiar with R, you can use iGraph as a module to analyze or create large networks, or you can directly use the C functions
Jung - comprehensive Java library of network analysis, creation and visualization routines
Graph package for Matlab (untested?) - if Matlab is the environment you are most comfortable in, here are some basic routines
SIENA - for p* models and longitudinal analysis
SNA package for R - all sorts of analysis + heavy duty stats to boot
NetworkX - python based free package for analysis of large graphs
InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure - large agglomeration of network analysis tools/routines, partly menu driven

visualization only:

GraphViz - open source network visualization software (can handle large/specialized networks)
TouchGraph - need to quickly create an interactive visualization for the web?
yEd - free, graph visualization and editing software


fast community finding algorithm
motif profiles
CLAIR library - NLP and IR library (Perl Based) includes network analysis routines

finally: INSNA long list of SNA packages