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waiving the stats requirement for HCI


Stats waiver



Statistics requirement for the HCI specialization

In order to fulfill the statistics requirement for the SI HCI & IAR specializations, you need to have taken a statistics course covering most of the following topics:

  • statistics and the scientific method
  • observational study versus designed experiment
  • visualization
  • introduction to probability
  • statistical inference
  • confidence intervals
  • one-sample tests of hypothesis
  • two-sample problems; analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • tests for association and independence (chi-square tests)
  • regression and correlation
  • non-parametric tests

If you have taken a statistics course previously, please provide a syllabus or detailed course description, and the requirement can be waived for you.

SI 544 will next be offered in Winter of 2008.

If have not taken statistics, and are unable to take SI 544, here are some other options at UofM that will fulfill the stats requirement for HCI and IAR and most count as cognates:

Stat. 350 - Introduction to statistics and data analysis (undergrad, cannot count as cognate)
Stat. 400
- Applied Statistical Methods
Stat. 500 - Applied Statistical Methods (note, has 350 as a prerequisite)
Biostatistics 510:
Biostatistics 503:
Biostatistics 553 :
Sociology 510: statistics
OMS 501: Applied Business Statistics

You can also opt to take an exam in order to waive the requirement. Please contact Lada Adamic for info on this.

You may look at the midterm (solution) and final (solution) from a previous year to get a sense of the type of questions that would be on the exam.