Lada Adamic
School of Information

Suresh Bhavnani
School of Information

Dale Hunscher
University of Michigan Medical School

Eric Schultz
School of Information


VISP – Visualizing information search processes


*new* Flash demo developed by Eric Schultz

Project description
This research will develop an online tool that will analyze a select subset of 15 million queries from the MSN search engine and will create a visualization that shows 1) the behavior of users as they search for information about a topic, 2) the scatter or distribution of information about that topic, and 3) the results the search engine provides for the topic.

VISP will graphically represent relationships between people (in terms of user search behavior), information (in terms of information scatter), and technology (in terms of results returned from the search engine) -- three key dimensions of interest to i-schools.

We hope such a tool will contribute to a better understanding of information-seeking behavior and will help search engine developers and Web site designers pinpoint the difficulties users have in finding comprehensive information.

This research is supported by a Microsoft Live grant.