Here is the text of the letter we sent to the few friends we wanted to notify of our wedding date in advance. I duplicate it here so you can get an idea of how you might want to go about wording it

Dear Scott,

As you may know, Mark and I have been planning a small, intimate wedding. To make it special (and keep it small) we've decided to get married in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston promises to be warmer than Michigan in December, and it boasts remarkably beautiful architecture, great restaurants, fun shopping, and tons of historic charm.

Although we want to have a small and simple wedding weekend, there are some special friends whom we would love to be with us and our families to share in our day and enjoy the beauty of Charleston. We hope you can join us, so we are sending you this letter so that you can save the date.

We will be traveling to Charleston on the weekend of December 5th-7th. We plan to get married on that Saturday evening (the 6th), followed by a modest reception or dinner.

December is a busy month. We realize that this may make it difficult for you to come to Charleston, and we would understand if you cannot join us. But our fingers are crossed and we'll be delighted if you can! We think you'll find lots to do and enjoy in Charleston for as long as you choose to stay before or after the wedding.

We'll be sending a formal invitation later, but for several reasons, we need to get some idea of the number of guests far ahead of time. Charleston does a brisk tourist trade all year long, and the month of December also gets busier for hotels and restaurants due to holiday parties. For that reason, my wedding planner is already pushing me for an approximate number of guests for some of the reservations she needs to make. I know an RSVP at this point would be considered tentative, but it would help us a lot.

Please give us a call (phone number) or contact me via e-mail or in person to let us know of the likelihood of your being in Charleston with us in December. I'd sincerely appreciate it!


Karen & Mark