Adventures with Adobe CS3

As of earlier this year, I am the proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite 3. Included are Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3 Professional, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Illustrator CS3, Fireworks CS3, Acrobat 8 Professional, among some others that are only slightly less useful than the aformentioned. Honestly I have no idea how to use 97% of what is included in these programs, but eventually I plan to figure it out. That is, in my vast amounts of spare time not spent studying Rydberg atoms. Thanks to Adobe for allowing students to buy their products at a (substantially) reduced price. Otherwise, I never would have been able to buy this software.

Currently I want to ____ but have no idea how.

I want to make transparency work in IE6 so that my navbar will have a transparent background. If you know how to do this, let me know.